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Ancient Americas

The Arts, Languages, Cultures and Civilizations of Ancient American Peoples

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Ancient Americas is a community devoted to the cultures, archaeology and languages of ancient North, Meso- and South American civilizations and peoples.

From the Native American tribes of North America to the mighty empires of the Aztecs, Maya and Incas, this community is a place where enthusiasts and amateurs alike can discuss and share their thoughts and works.

What You Can Post Here

+ General discussion on any aspect related to the native peoples (past and present) of the Americas. This can include discussions on archaeology, culture, native American languages and even contemporary issues surrounding the study of these.

+ News articles concerning any aspect of these native peoples (remember to credit the sources!).

+ Resources for the study of ancient American peoples.

+ Icons, art and any other 'fan works', including historical fiction.

Please observe any copyright regulations when posting material other than your own and always be sure to keep discussions on-topic as much as possible.

Community Rules

+ Respect the views of other members and refrain from 'flaming'. Treat others as you'd like to be treated.

+ No hate, racist, porn, warez or other illegal materials should be posted here. This could result in a ban.

+ Credit other people's work if they request it and do not pass off other people's work as your own.

+ Large posts, particularly those with icons or art, should make use of the LJ Cut. Failure to do so might result in your post being deleted or modified.

+ Only relevant communities and journals may be advertised. You may advertise only once every month at the most and do not spam the community as such posts will be deleted.

+ Have a good time!

Attention New Members!

If you've just recently joined, why not tell the rest of us a little about yourself and your interests?

If you wish to introduce yourself, feel free to copy/paste the little survey below and post it as a new post behind an LJ cut!

Please note that all entries are optional and you're free to withhold any information about yourself if you like.

+ Name :

+ Age :

+ Country :

+ Main Interests (Community-Related):

+ Other Interests :

+ Visited Any Ancient American Sites?

+ Places You'd Like to Visit :

+ How Did You Come Across the Community?

+ Any Other Information About Yourself?

Link to Us!

If you'd like to add a link back to this community, you can either use a text link or use the banner below (save this to your own image host).

Ancient Americas

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