Hinhan (hinhanla) wrote in ancientamericas,

Hinhan flys in

+ Name :  Hinhan

+ Age : 34

+ Country : United States (Maine)

+ Main Interests (Community-Related): Lakota and Algonquin Mythology and Supernaturalism, Core Shamanism, Ethics, Morality, and Spiritual Practices born in Animistic perspectives in the modern day, Holistic living and healing

+ Other Interests : European Folklore, American Folklore, Revivalist Animistic/Pagan beliefs from old Europe

+ Visited Any Ancient American Sites? I lived 40 miles from Poverty Point for many years- Poverty Point was the first city in North America, and the mysterious site itself is beyond amazing, especially the Eagle Mound. I now live near Mount Katahdin, the most sacred mountain and land to the Algonquin peoples, as well as others. I have seen the Mississippi mound systems, as well as Sipapu in the Grand Canyon. All very amazing places, with a depth of spiritual power in them that is immense.

+ Places You'd Like to Visit : (just in the Americas?) Countless, but The Black Hills stands out.

+ How Did You Come Across the Community? Drifting along through the miasma of LJ. I'd say it was a "random" discovery, except that I don't really believe in true "randomness".

+ Any Other Information About Yourself? Renegade Mystic, member of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, the Bear Road Society, and several other Heathen organizations, devoted to the sacred powers and the Unseen world. I've spent years studying historical Lakota and Algonquin sacred culture, and earth-related mysteries worldwide. I deal daily with trance-work and comprehending extra-sensory reality (as well as such a thing can be comprehended). I am an herbalist as well.

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