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Non-Aztec slaves? [Jun. 14th, 2010|07:47 am]
Ancient Americas


(crossposted to askahistorian and little_details)

Hum, me again, with another silly question... I'm working a historical fantasy set among the Aztecs (specifically, book 3 of my trilogy), and I'm running against a wall... Specifically, I *know* the Aztecs took prisoners of war, a significant portion of which were sacrificed (especially the men), and I've seen mentions that the rest served as slaves. I was wondering:
-who had those slaves? I'm assuming deserving warriors and such, but for all I know I could be way off base
-whether those slaves of foreign origin had the same status as Aztec slaves (ie, could they free themselves after some time, could they attempt to run away), or were they a separate category?

Done so far: googled "non-Aztec slaves" and had a look through the first few pages of results, but only got a mention that war captives were different from slaves. The only books I had which seemed to have a chance of dealing with the subject are Ross Hassig's Aztec Warfare and Inga Clendinnen's Aztecs, but nope, that's not mentioned anywhere.

Related to this, if you have any resources on the relationships between the Aztecs and their subjugated provinces, I would love to hear about them.

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: should have been a bit clearer: I'm seeing a lot of sources that say POW were sacrificed, but I've also seen a bunch of other sources that mention women and children being enslaved (typically after defeat), and this is where I start having doubts, because the Aztecs didn't do much mass-sacrifices of women.